What About Latency?

This is certainly the most asked question and it's worth exploring in some depth. You're right to be concerned about latency; after all, if you can't rely on the sound you're hearing to be in sync with your fellow DJ then everyone is going to have a terrible time.

At first glance, the time taken for audio to travel across the Internet would appear to be the primary enemy, but it doesn't have to be so!

The system design of Faraway DJ means that what you hear on your local monitor speakers is:

  • Perfectly in sync with your preview headphones
  • Perfectly in sync with whats coming out of the monitor speakers of the other DJ
  • Exactly the same audio stream that your audience will hear

    This means that you can confidently beatmatch by ear. The system keeps a small buffer of approx 100ms to allow for variable quality in Internet connection, and will automatically adjust to changes so that this figure is constant.

    The only thing you'll notice to be different when playing is that any beatgrid on-screen will not match up with what you're hearing simply because the audible sound has been intentionally delayed by the system. Frankly, this doesn't matter at all because you can't see the beatgrid of the other DJ - just like a real B2B set, it will test your skills of beatmatching purely by ear!

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