How it works

Running a back-to-back set across the Internet has long been considered too difficult or too fragile to be useful. Fortunately the quality of home Internet connections has reached the point where this facility can be delivered as a service.

Plug & Play


A custom box is required for each DJ:

The installation couldn't be simpler:
  • Connect power cable
  • Connect network cable
  • Connect audio cables
  • That's it - now you can play as if the other DJ was in the same room!

    Take Control

    Since you're still far apart, you need a way to control the track - enter the shared crossfader!

    Open it on your laptop or phone and take control of the crossfader and EQ. Any changes will update in realtime on the other DJ's screen!

    Have a Look

    The Lockdown Legacy have been using to run their UK-wide events. Take a look at this sample video:

    Be the Director

    The 'Virtual Festival' feature of the system allows you to send in video using any RTMP client (Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, XSplit, etc.) from multiple DJs and switch between them without losing any of your viewers

    Get realtime feedback in your browser and preview what's coming next before you switch!

    The Nextmen have been using Virtual Festival since mid 2020 so that both Brad and Dom can share the same Twitch channel without interruptions.

    The output for Virtual Festival can be sent to ANY RTMP server including Twitch, Mixcloud Live, YouTube, etc.

    Trial Signup

    Trial Signup